Photographs of Faeries - Real Faeries and Elemental Spirits Captured on Camera

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A Photographic Catalog Containing 100's of Transdimensional Images of the Faery Realm & Its Inhabitants

Real Faeries & Elemental Spirits Captured On Camera

Jane Tripp - Digital Seer

A True Fairy Tale

Like all good fairy tales, this one begins with the absolutely impossible happening:

- but it was not a book of fairy stories, instead being a very real and true-life faery tale. It does not contain any lies.

Does this sound like a faery riddle? In a way it is, but as I explore the secret and usually hidden lands of the in a bid to understand an ancient conundrum, I am also honored to be able to finally share with the world the  extraordinary experience which will allow you also to see the liminal, luminous and crystalline world of faery - .

I Can't See Faeries - Yet I Have Quite  Literally Seen Hundreds Of Them

I haven't so far been blessed with the gift of seeing fairies and elementals except in inner vision. And yet, . In this truly magical book lies your opportunity to share this incredible experience.

A Word About Faeries - Who are They? 

Very misunderstood, most people assume faeries are creatures of myth that do not and never did really exist. They are in fact a living race separated dimensionally from us, but not by very much. 

A few places have preserved at least part of this heritage, and it still has influence on the lives and actions of people today in countries such as Ireland and Iceland, but their reality in most parts of the world has been largely forgotten. Regardless, faeries exist whether or not a person 'believes' in them. 

There isn't a country or culture on Earth that does not, or did not at one time not only believe in, but interact with the faery folk in many different ways.

Faery Frequencies

Everything that dwells in the possibly infinite frequencies beyond out personal bandwidth is usually completely invisible to us and largely unimaginable. We see and sense what is required for our survival and basic needs, but there is of course much more which remains undetected by the mundane senses.

Yes, it is, and a portion of this same hidden world and its inhabitants can be revealed digitally using contemporary electronic equipment, such as digital cameras.

 What Will I See in My Faery Book?

In the unique and stand-alone book you will see a fascinating and varied portion of this seemingly enchanted world which intersects with our own. 

You shouldn't expect the people you are going to see to look like us. While some of them do strongly resemble us, others have a wildness to them that is unfamiliar to most humans today.

The denizens of this other world do not appear the same as in our own, but as these two worlds are related, and to some extent depend upon and interact with each other, we expect aspects of it to be familiar.

Expect unusual colors sometimes, such as green and blue skin tones. Other things you will see are tattoos, an array of hats and headgear, including witches hats and pointed caps, coronets of flowers, veils, shawls and elaborate hair-styles.

In the book are faery men, women, children and animals, elves, pixies, goblins, witches and much more.

In times past naturalists traveled the world to document  and collect different species of flora and fauna in order to better know and comprehend the seemingly endless diversity of the world in which we live. 

Quite often the stories of the marvels seen and described or presented as paintings were disbelieved unless specimens were actually produced.

The onset of photography changed everything, revealing for the first time to the world the incredible abundance of plants and creatures we are blessed with, displaying in all their wondrously varied shapes, sizes and colors.

We live in a vastly different world today, and in the spirit of the naturalists and explorers of the past, I present to you a photographic study of the previously largely unseen and completely pictorially unrecorded exotic fauna of the Otherworld.

It has been my privilege to be able to take these amazing photographs and reveal the hidden worlds within them, and for this I will always be grateful.

I believe it is also a privilege for us to be able to finally see them before our eyes in such glowing detail, no longer only in our imaginations, but alive in a conjoined - but photographable - reality.

Every year around the world, thousands of people still have paranormal encounters with the unknown, and this includes continued sightings of faeries and even interactions with them. 

Have all these people been making up these stories for various reasons across the centuries? No, they have not, and the truth can now be perceived photographically. Hundreds of faeries and elementals are made visible and we can now view them digitally from the safety of our homes.


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Photographs of Faeries - Real Faeries and Elemental Spirits Captured on Camera

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