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Jane Tripp is a writer, researcher and transdimensional and trans-time photographer. Acting as a paranormal naturalist exploring liminal worlds, she is photographically documenting the transdimensional fauna of the Otherworld, taking on the role of a contemporary digital seer to bring you some of the most fascinating images of faeries, elementals and other spirits that you will ever see. Jane's photography produces landscapes which contain tantalizing windows revealing glimpses into other worlds, other dimensions and other times. She receives anomalous imagery in all known, and some previously unknown, categories. Her experiments and research in this direction have taken her on a fascinating journey into largely unexplored worlds where she has been able to discover some amazing but hidden secrets, not only about the true nature of the photographic image, but about the nature of reality itself. The transdimensional transmissions that appear are received through some unknown mechanism which must fall into the paranormal category until explained with future science, which one day it certainly will be. Gateway to Jane Tripp's Websites:   Jane Tripp can be contacted by emailing: MAILING LIST: use the email address above and put 'Mailing List' in the subject line and your name in the body of the message and you'll be added. You will be notified when the new trans-time and other books are published.

Photographs of Faeries - Real Faeries and Elemental Spirits Captured on Camera

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Mirari Dreams

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